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Extremely Happy!!!

My 10 year old son saw the commercial and his eyes lit up. I patiently waited for more to be available and added myself to the waiting list for pre-orders and it was so much worth the wait!! My son is happy with his birthday gift!!!!!

Kimberly, Mom


Everything i hoped it would be and more...i live on the 5th floor of a apt building and this saves me from annoying my neighbors



Delivered in a timely manner. Easy to assemble. My son loves the it. He can’t stop practicing his ball handling skills. Morning, noon or night... 😂😂

Shawn, Dad

Will change your life!

This product is even better than advertised.
It's easy to assemble and store. Even the kids can fold it and unfold it. You cannot hear any more ball bouncing in the house. . . so my wife loves it!
My children practice their dribble exponentially more now and I can already see improvement on the court. This is not like bouncing a ball on a trampoline. This simulates real court bounce and movement.


Josh S., Dad

Great product!

Basketball has been canceled for the summer and our outdoor courts have been closed due to COVID. My teen has been stuck in the house on hot/rainy days. Now he can do his dribbling drills QUIETLY inside and everyone is happy. Assembly was super easy. Highly recommend!

Dawn S.

I purchased the dream dribble

I purchased the dream dribble for my daughter & she loves it & it's helping ball handling skills out alot she's starting her first year of high school & practicing on the dream dribble has built her confidence to tryout for the varsity girl's basketball team

Evic M., Dad

Great expensive product

I like the product but feel it was a little expensive with no access to tutorial or video training sessions included. I do recommend it for people who live above someone. Great product overall....

Robert B., Dad

My daughter got hers today. I posted it on my IG stories Listen this is not a paid promotion. This is MOM approved. My daughter will dribble to 1 a.m. on my hardwood floor and my room is in the basement. Let me tell you. This is a game changer!!

Phineka F., Mom

Awesome training apparatus

This is excellent training equipment. I like how tight and conformed it is making the dribbler dribble in a nice tight pocket. It responds well when you dribble on it as well. A genius invented this!!!

James W., Dad

Dream Silencer®️ is your indoor dribbling solution

Company founded in 2016, Dream Dribble™ created an indoor dribbling device that allows any age athlete to work on their game wherever they are, whenever they want.

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